BH-X Series High Frequency Online UPS

1-10KVA (1/1 Phase)

BH-Y Series DSP High Frequency Online UPS 6-20KVA (1/1,3/1 Phase)

DI Series Low Frequency Transformer-based Online UPS 1-40KVA (1/1, 3/1 Phase)

FC/RP Series Low Frequency Transformer-Based Online UPS 10-200KVA (3/3 Phase)

DT Series High Frequency IGBT Rectifer Online UPS 10-140KVA (3/3 Phase)

DT-X Series 3 Phase​ High Frequency 

    Online UPS 10-40KVA (3/3 Phase)

MT-B Series 3 Phase Modular Online UPS 30-300KVA (3/3 Phase)

RP-N Series Low Frequency Transformer-Based Online UPS 160-600KVA (3/3 Phase)

MT Plus Series 3 Phase Modular Online UPS 50-600KVA (3/3 Phase)

SB Series Line-interactive UPS


NP Series 4-200Ah Sealed Maintenance Free Lead-Acid Battery

SIH Series 1 Phase Solar Inverter with MPPT Controller 1-10KVA (1/1 Phase)


About us


       Kotohira System (株式会社ことひら システム )is one of the oldest industrial grade power supply manufacturers in Japan. We distribute and install AC/DC UPS, batteries for an enormous number of industry and business all over the country and oversea. Besides, we are capable to provide AC power supply from 400VA to 600KVA standalone with specific voltage for input and output in order to reach all customers’ demand.


In Middle of 2018, we are happily annouced that we signed a contract between Kotohira System (株式会社ことひら システム) and Shenzhen Jeidar Electronics Co., Ltd. from Japan that Kotohira System will become the sub-division and subsidiary of Shenzhen Jeidar Electronics.

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