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RP-N Series 3 Phase 200KVA Low Frequency Transformer-Based Online UPS
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RP-N Series 3 Phase 200KVA Low Frequency Transformer-Based Online UPS

SCR based Industrial Transformer Based Online UPS 

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SCR based Industrial Transformer Based Online UPS 

System Introduction

RP-N Series is a high end 3 Phase Input/ Output transformer based UPS system. It adapts the innovative designing concept of integration. It also has significantly improved the efficiency and reliability. Product Performance Index has reached international level. With Multiple Digital Control Modules, such as DSP, MCU, and CPLD, RP-N can be non-prioritized paralleled up to 8 units to lower operating costs without compromising reliability, performance, and availability.

System Features

High Performance Index

Advanced Rectifier and IGBT Technology. Input THDI≤4%, Input Power Factor≥0.99 to save more energy.;
Wide Input Voltage Range. High adaptive capacity and Generator Capability;
High Load Compatibility and short-circuit protection. High Overload Ability;
Input Power Factor can be upto >0.99 and THDI<4.5% with optional filters;
Output Power Factor 0.9 without lagging;
Self-Evaluation and Alarm of Phase Misconnection or Lost;

Safe and Reliable

RP-N Series use full-digitized control to operate all power conversion sections during the operations, which has higher system reliability;
Cooling Fans internal Parallel Redundancy Design;
Output Isolated Transformer Built-in. It can reduce impacts and interferences from Load Harmonic Wave Current and N-Wire Voltage;
90% of system components are from international brands. All devices has been aged and tested for 24 hours before leaving the factory

Rich Optional Accessories

Multiple communication interfaces integrated (RS232, RS485, Dry Contact, EPO, Etc.) ;
Optional SNMP communication adapter available

Special Design and Easy Operation

Front Maintenance. Available for top connections with protection devices.;
Intuitive User Interface with large Dot-matrix LCD Screen and multi-functional keyboard

Compatible applications/loads

RP-N Series is designed for many different applications and compatible Loads, such as Data Center, TelecommunicationCenter, Network management center, financial center Security Trading Settlement Center, Banking. Large Theater, Stadium,traffic Administration Bureau,Road and Railroad Tunnel Lightning Control and Monitoring Center, Port Information Center.Semiconductor production line, automatic production line and related devices.

Model RP2000L33-N
capacity 200KVA/180KW
     Host Machine Specification
 UPS Structure Online Double Conversion
 Appearance Low Frequency with Output Isolated Transformer
 Overall Efficiency (AC-AC) 94% (With Optional Accessories)
 ECO 98%
 Noise (In 2 Meters) 67dB
 Working Temp. 0-40℃
 Storage Temp. -15 ~ 50℃ ( without batteries)
 Humidity < 95% Non-Condensing
 National Standard IEC60950-1,IEC62040-1-1
 International Standard IEC62040-2,IEC62040-3
 Parallel Redundancy Parallel Redundancy Upto 8 Units
 Protection Overload, Short-Circuit, Over Temp., Utility Power Voltage High/low, BAT Voltage High/low
 DC Start Available
 Generator Compatibility Available
 Display LCD Display(Multi-Language with all kinds of messages)+LED
 Mute Auto
 Cabinet Standard IP20
 Cooling System Intelligent Speed Control Cooling Fan
 Elevation <1500M, Without Derated
  Rectifier Specification
 Input Voltage 380/400/415Vac+N+W (3 phase + PE)
 Input Voltage Range 298-498Vac
 Input Frequency Range 50/60Hz±10%
 Soft-Start 5-600 Seconds, Adjustable
 Input PF 0.95(With Optional Input Wave Filter)
 THDI <5%(With Optional Accessories)
  Output Specification
 Output Voltage Line Voltage: 380×(1±1%)AC or Phase Voltage: 220×(1±1%)AC
 Output PF 0.9
 Output Voltage Regulation 380Vac±1%(Static Load); 380Vac±2%(50-0% Sudden Change); 380Vac±3%(100-0% Sudden Change)
Voltage Dynamic Response ±5%,(0~100% Sudden Change)
Voltage Dynamic Response Time <5ms
 Synchronization Range ±5%
 Output Freq ±0.02% (BAT Mode)
 THD < 1%(Linear Full Load),< 3% (Non-Linear Full Load)
 3 Phase Unbalanced Allow 3 Phase 100% Unbalanced
Output Volt. Unbalanced ≤1°(Balanced Load), ≤2°(50% Balanced Load)
 Input/Output Phase Swift ≤1°(Balanced Load), ≤2°(50% Balanced Load)
 Frequency Tracking Range 45-65Hz
 Output Waveform Pure Sine Wave
 Overload With output PF 0.9, 105%: Long time Operation,110%: 1 Hour,125%: 10 Mins,150%:1 Min
 Crest Ratio 3∶1
 Short-Circuit Circuit Auto-Protection, Bypass Switch Tripping
Output Abnormal INV. Output Auto-Locked Protection
  Bypass Specification
Static Bypass Transfer Time 0ms
 Static Bypass Range 380/400/415Vac(±10%,±15%,±20% Selectable)3 Phase+N(3 Phase+N+PE)
 Frequency Range 50/60Hz±10%
 Bypass -> INV Transfer Time 2ms
 Bypass Overload Ability 200%: 5 Mins; 1000%:10 Seconds
Manual Maintenance Bypass Available
Battery Specification
 Type Sealed Lead Acid Maintenance Free
 Std. Model Rated Volts/Units 12V,384Vdc/32 Units
 Float Charge Voltage Equalized Charge, Float Charge, Intelligent Battery Management
 BAT Low Shutdown Protection
Communication Specification
 Communication Port RS232/SNMP/485/Dry Contact(Optional Accessory)
 Remote Software Multi-functional Monitoring System, Online and BAT Mode Status, BAT Fault, Remote Control
  Physical Parameters
 Size mm(D) 855
 Size mm(H) 1900
 Size mm(W) 6 pulse 1245
 Size mm(W) 12 pulse 1770
 Net Weight Kg(6 pulse) 1075
 Net Weight Kg(12 pulse) 1685